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Our national PGCE with QTS course enables you to train to teach in a location in England to suit you. This is because the majority of the course is delivered online, and you will undertake your training in a school near you, which has been approved by us.

A large number of schools across the country have partnered with us to host trainee teachers on placements.  Alternatively, you may have found your own school (either to employ you or to host you on placement), and we will work with them to further your application. You can start the course in September, January or April, and you can study the course on a full-time or part-time basis.

The course is delivered and directed through a sophisticated online platform, and you will based for the duration of the course in a school near you. This means you will not be required to attend weekly lectures or long periods of study on our campus. Our trainee teachers are, therefore, based across England.

A PGCE with QTS is an Initial Teacher Training course, which certifies trainees to teach in state-maintained schools in England.  Applicants for the course can also teach in independent schools. Our course is offered at Primary level (5-11 and 7-11 age ranges) and in array of subjects at Secondary level (11-16, 11-18, 14-19 age ranges).  

We’re a bit different to some other providers of Initial Teacher Training, as you are not required to attend weekly lectures or long blocks of time in person on our campus.  The course is written and led by us, so you can be assured that your training is of a quality expected from a university.  However, we believe that teacher training is best done in schools, under the supervision of first-rate teachers.  We work very closely with the school to ensure that you receive all the support you need, and you will also have your own personal university tutor, who helps you along the way.  The course includes a 2-day conference with us each term.  If these are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, then we will deliver the seminars online. 

Our aim is for our trainee teachers to:

  • Feel responsible for the learning and progress of every child in their class, and hold themselves to account for this.
  • Have high expectations of every child – in their potential, learning and behaviour - and never limit a child’s capability.
  • Aspire to be an expert in their craft and continue to look for ways to learn and improve.
  • Skilfully adapt their teaching in different contexts and settings to enable children of all abilities and needs to learn and progress effectively.
  • Champion the opportunities which a good education can give to a child.

The following principles govern our Initial Teacher Training courses:

At the heart of our Initial Teacher Training courses is teaching pedagogy i.e. learning ‘how’ to teach. As teaching is a practical activity, we believe that training is best done in schools, under the supervision of expert teachers and underpinned by relevant theory.

As children are central to our Initial Teacher Training courses, their needs, individualities, development and diversity are inherent in our training.

Areas covered



Primary 5-11 and 7-11

Secondary 11-16, 11-18 and 14-19, in a range of subjects



The course is available to trainee teachers who are salaried and employed in schools or to those wishing to be tuition-fee paying students, who are on placement with schools. 

Flexible routes: you can start the course in September, January or April, and you can study the course on a full-time (1 year) or part-time (2 years) basis.

For PGCE with QTS, we can offer the Postgraduate Teaching Apprenticeship route as well as the full time provider led student route.

We also offer a PGCE only route.

Click here for an explanation of the different routes into teaching 


The National School of Teaching and Education at Coventry University