Venn Maths Hub - pre 25 March 2022

Venn Maths Hub: Primary Mastery Development Work Group

Developing Mastery is part of the continuing programme to develop the teaching for mastery in mathematics in primary schools. This Work Group aims to ensure long term, sustainable, whole-school developments through engaging teachers and subject leaders in practice-based professional development activity. A key aim is to develop groups of schools

What will participating schools gain?

During each half-term participating schools will receive:

  • Collaborative, Work Group sessions, which are led by a trained Developing Mastery Lead
  • High-quality, bespoke, 1:1 school visits carried out by the Work Group Lead

Expectations of participating schools

Participating schools are expected to send two teachers to half termly meetings arranged by the specialist. These meetings give opportunities for joint observation of lessons as well as collaborative planning. After each of these meetings all schools agree actions that they will take before the next meeting. Each term the specialist will visit each of the schools to support the school in its development of its action.

To express an interest in joining this Work Group, please complete the form here.

To download a flyer about this Work Group, click here.

Venn Maths Hub: Secondary Mastery Development Work Group

Are you interested in Secondary Mastery Development?

Secondary maths teachers whose schools want to introduce and embed teaching for mastery can nominate two teachers (Mastery Advocates) to join a fully funded free Work Group run by the Venn Maths Hub. ​

​You will be part of a locally-based group of teachers who meet regularly to develop professional knowledge and expertise, as well as receiving bespoke support.

In your Work Group you will:

  • Collaborate with colleagues from other local schools to share best practice​
  • Get individual school support and guidance from a local leader of maths education (LLME)​
  • Take away ideas to help your students become more confident mathematicians, ready to tackle GCSEs and A-levels​
  • Introduce and embed teaching for mastery in your classroom and department

To express an interest in joining this Work Group, please complete the form here.

To download a flyer about this Work Group, click here.

Venn Maths Hub: Post-16 Maths Work Groups and Programmes

A-Level Pedagogy Work Group (based in Chelmsford with some online elements)

Free sustained CPD for experienced teachers of A level Maths.

  • Enhance your A-Level teaching through experimentation, collaboration and discussion.
  • Connect with experienced A-Level teachers to form a local community of practice.
  • Share and develop ideas to aid conceptual understanding of A-Level concepts and explore the over-arching themes of problem-solving, mathematical argument and modelling.

For more information about the A-Level Pedagogy Work Group, please click here.

Supporting Foundation GCSE Work Group (meeting online)

Free sustained CPD for those teaching Foundation GCSE, particularly to Post-16 Resit students.

  • How do we structure the curriculum for maximum impact?
  • What can we do to embed the recall and retention of essential skills?
  • What do we need to adapt to support students whose learning has been disrupted by lockdown?

For more information about the Supporting Foundation GCSE Work Group, please click here.

Core Maths Pedagogy Work Group (based in Saffron Walden with some online elements)

Free sustained CPD for experienced teachers of Core Maths.

  • What approaches can we use to develop the open-ended problem-solving skills that Core Maths students need?
  • How can we resource our schemes of work to create a coherent pathway through the curriculum?
  • Connect and share ideas with Core Maths teachers to form a local community of practice.

For more information about the Core Maths Pedagogy Work Group, please click here.

New to Core Maths Teaching Programme (offered in collaboration with other local Maths Hubs)

Free sustained CPD for those teaching Core Maths for the first time.

  • Develop your subject knowledge and pedagogy for teaching Core Maths.
  • Explore the following 6 areas: contextualised problem-solving, Fermi estimation and modelling, critical analysis, finance, statistics, and using pre-release materials.

For more information please email Catriona Agg.

All Venn Maths Hub projects can be found on the Venn Maths Hub website here.

Mastering Numbering

Venn Essex Maths Hub – Mastering Number Work Group

NEW Fully funded Mastering Number Work Group for Primary Schools from September 2021. 

In a major new initiative, the NCETM and Maths Hubs have announced a year-long programme to run in thousands of primary schools from September. It is aimed at strengthening the understanding of number, and fluency with number facts, among children in the first three years of school. It is wholly consistent with and complementary to the Primary Teaching for Mastery Programme, which has been running in more than 8,000 schools since 2016.

Lead teacher participants (teachers of Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) will receive training and resources equipping them to give their class a daily short ‘number sense’ session as part of scheduled maths teaching. The programme will last for the whole school year. Over the year, children will use a range of materials and representations, including a small abacus-like piece of equipment called a rekenrek, which will be provided for schools.

Leading the programme is Debbie Morgan. Debbie is the NCETM’s Director for Primary Mathematics, and Mathematics consultant on the BAFTA award-winning BBC programme - 'Numberblocks'.

If you would like to take part, please complete the attached application form Application Form and return it to Natalie Banthorpe