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In this section we will spotlight individual influential pieces of research evidence, providing a summary and links to source documents and linked resources, where appropriate.

This section will also feature case studies of the use of research evidence in practice written by Evidence Leads in Education and school practitioners. 

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  • 29/04/24

    Beneath the surface of cognitive science ​​​​​​​

    Working memory, cognitive load, dual coding, spaced retrieval….the language and theory of cognitive science and its application to teaching and learning in schools is high profile at the current time, and justifiably so. The EEF is a very useful starting point for schools looking for comprehe...
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  • 04/03/24

    Essex Research School

    Essex Research School is based at Lyons Hall Primary School in Braintree. Lyons Hall is one of the three schools that make up the Learning Pathways Trust and is a relatively new Research School having launched in 2023. Its director is Kate Alliston, a primary teacher with over 20 years’ experi...
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  • 13/11/23

    REACHout Early Years Stronger Practice Hub - East of England

    The Early Years Stronger Practice Hubs programme was launched in November 2022 and is part of the DfE's Early Years Education COVID-19 Recovery Package. The REACHout East of England Stronger Practice Hub, based in Halstead, Essex is holding a launch event in Chelmsford on 22 November 2023...
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  • 01/07/23

    Effective Professional Development

    The research tells us that professional development for teachers works – if it is well designed, carefully selected and robustly implemented. For busy teachers and practitioners, it needs to be worth the investment of time and energy. That is why it is so important to look at the evidence on...
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  • 17/05/23

    Take part in research projects and access funding through the EEF

    The Education Endowment Foundation provides access to a vast amount of existing educational research and guidance of evidence led practice. However, not everyone is aware that it also offers opportunities to take part in research trials or to apply for funding for your own locally based project.
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  • 17/03/23

    Evidence for the early years - new support and resources for professionals working in schools, nurseries and other early years settings from the EEF

    This Spotlight focuses on a new Early Years resource area launched by the Education Endowment Foundation in February. This marks a big step forward in their mission to support early years practitioners by providing the most up-to-date evidence about how effective different approaches are likely to b...
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  • 01/02/23

    Evidence Into Action – the EEF podcast series

    This Spotlight article, rather than exploring a single piece of research, focuses on the EEF’s Evidence into Action podcast series.
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  • 05/12/22

    The skills imperative 2035: Essential skills for tomorrow’s workforce

    In this Spotlight, we temporarily move away from the world of specific pedagogical research to a wider topic which is currently being explored by NfER in a 5-year research programme - The skills imperative 2035: Essential skills for tomorrow’s workforce.
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  • 13/10/22

    Great Teaching Toolkit Evidence Review

    This Spotlight article focuses on a resource first published in June 2020 but which may well have been overlooked by teachers and leaders as they necessarily dedicated huge amounts of time and effort to coping with the challenges of day-to-day survival in a pandemic.
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  • 07/06/22

    Moving forwards, making a difference

    "For two years, schools have been grappling with real uncertainty. Questions from whether they would be open one day to the next, to how best to support learning, both remotely and in-class, have loomed large over daily life in schools. Amidst these challenges, teachers and school leaders...
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  • 25/04/22

    Social and Emotional Learning in Primary Schools

    “Upon returning to the classroom after partial school closures, staff reported that a significant proportion of children were demonstrating noticeably poorer interpersonal skills than they had prior to partial school closures. Specifically, children were increasingly struggling...
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  • 09/03/22

    Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants

    The number of full-time equivalent TAs more than trebled in the period from 2000 to 2018, when the second edition of Making Best Use of Teaching Assistants was published. By that point Teaching Assistants comprised over a quarter of the workforce in mainstream schools in England: 35% of the pri...
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