Evidence Led Practice

Evidence Led Practice

Saffron Teaching School Hub is committed to supporting schools in accessing and using the best research and evidence to inform and develop their practice.

The core premise of evidence-informed teaching is that decisions made by teachers to support student learning should be informed by the best available evidence on ‘what works’ in education rather than on ‘hunches’ or long-established practices. By drawing on evidence, teachers’ and leaders’ practice, and in turn, pupil outcomes, can be improved. New, effective approaches can be identified and trialled, and existing ineffective practices can be removed.

The most strongly research-engaged schools integrate research evidence into all aspects of their work as part of an ethos of continual improvement and reflection. They support evidence-informed risk-taking (for example, trying out new teaching techniques) in a spirit of ‘disciplined innovation’. They have reflective cultures, using research to inform Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and School Development Planning. They create space to consider how research can inform and lead practice, alongside existing professional expertise and experience.

There are a range of excellent sources to support evidence informed practice, including:  

In the Evidence Led Practice section of our website, we will: