EEF launches updated version of the Improving Literacy in KS2 Guidance Report

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) published this ‘second phase’ Guidance Report in November 2021, including additional examples, explanations and resources to support implementation of the 7 original core recommendations. You can access the report and associated resources here: Improving Literacy in Key Stage 2 | EEF (

As with most recent EEF Guidance Reports, this report offers seven practical, evidence-based recommendations that are relevant to all pupils, and particularly to those struggling with their literacy. They are based on a review of the ‘best available international research’ and also recent consultation with experts in the field.

The 7 recommendations are, as usual, available in Summary Poster form.

This poster, and the Guidance Report itself, are of course useful for staff training and discussion, but the additional resources can help these discussions reach a greater depth.

Firstly, there is a range of ‘Literacy Vignettes’ drawn directly from the guidance report which describe scenarios and dilemmas related to literacy provision, similar to those that occur in many primary schools across the country.


The vignettes include prompt questions for school leaders and teachers. These aim to encourage reflection on the scenarios presented and on readers’ own existing practices around supporting the development of their pupils’ literacy skills.

Secondly, there is a description of the Readers’ Theatre technique which could act as stimulus point for discussion about how a school might approach the explicit teaching of reading in KS2, alongside a review of the impact of existing practices.

The third resource is the Reading Comprehension House. Adapted from Hogan, T., Bridges, M., Justice, L., and Cain, K. (2011) ‘Increasing Higher Level Language Skills to Improve Reading Comprehension’, this single page visual demonstrates the links between fully developed reading comprehension, and the ‘building blocks’ which underpin it.

You can download the Guidance Report, the summary poster and the linked resources at the link below:

Improving Literacy in Key Stage 2 | EEF (

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