Change of Lead Provider for our Early Career programme

From September 2024, the Lead Provider for Saffron Teaching School Hub's Early Career programme will be Teach First. 

We would like to thank our current Lead Provider, Education Development Trust (EDT), for the very positive relationship we have had with them. The EDT team have been approachable and responsive to the issues we have raised and have enabled us to be innovative in our delivery. Our participants and facilitators have consistently been positive about the content of their programme which has always reflected EDT's commitment to being evidence informed.  

We already work with Teach First as our Lead Provider for NPQs and we are delighted to be expanding our relationship with them.  

Over this term, we will be working hard to ensure a smooth transition from EDT to Teach First in preparation for September. Our aim is to provide our participants with high-quality and relevant programmes.  

Registrations for new participants on our Early Career programme will open later this term. All schools and current participants will be kept informed throughout this transition process.