Writing your School Music Education Plan

School and Music leaders from Primary and Secondary schools across Essex met on Monday 29 April at Saffron Teaching School Hub for a day to focus on creating their Music Education Development Plans, a requirement for all schools to have in place as part of the National Plan for Music Education. The CPD session was hosted by Essex Music Education Hub and gave leaders time to think about their current provision and how they would like to develop it in the future.

At the start of the day the group took some time to explore what musically they want for their pupils, focusing on the guidance from National Plan for Music Education, Model Music Curriculum and National Curriculum. The range of experience and voices in the room was particularly valuable to better understand a child’s journey from Early Years through to the end of Key Stage 3 and then progression into taking music as an exam subject at Key Stages 4 and 5.

Delegates spoke during the day about how useful it was having time to share experiences and to have expert music educators on hand to explore the possibilities of how music can be delivered, developed and embedded in school. They also appreciated time away from the distractions of school to focus on writing the plan, meaning they could leave the session with a plan ready to be shared and put into action.

Thank you for a great day. I came away enthused and with a much clearer picture with regards to our School Music Education Plan.’ – Primary Curriculum Leader

Essex Music Hub will be hosting one final Music Education Plan session this academic year, on Wednesday 26 June, and will be planning more sessions in the next academic year. They are also hosting a Schools Curriculum Conference on Monday 24 June where you can meet with other music leaders and be inspired by experts to ensure that you have a music education that is both impactful and memorable.