Becoming a facilitator - what are the benefits?

Have you ever considered becoming a facilitator on one of our programmes? Here are some of the benefits of being a facilitator.

Professional and career development

  • Facilitators not only have access to high quality materials, they also receive training and support in using these. 
  • New facilitators also have the opportunity to work alongside more experienced colleagues, in turn enabling the development of highly effective facilitation skills which can then be applied in the delivery of 'in house' CPD. 
  • Facilitators can add their experience to their own Professional Portfolio/CV to support career development opportunities as and when applicable. 

Personal role satisfaction 

  • Facilitators report positive impact on both self-esteem and job satisfaction. Supporting the development of others, and watching them grow in knowledge and confidence is a highly rewarding part of the role

Benefits to your own school or Trust 

  • The facilitator role offers the opportunity to explore practice beyond the boundaries of the school or Trust, and bring back to it new knowledge, enthusiasm and insight. There is also the financial reimbursement for the facilitator's school. 

System Leadership 

  • The knowledge and satisfaction of making a significant contribution to developing the quality of education across the system, for the ultimate benefit of the learners in our schools.  

How to apply to become a facilitator

We are recruiting for facilitators on our ECF programme and NPQ programmes

If you are interested in becoming an ECF facilitator, complete the form here.

If you are interested in becoming an NPQ facilitator, apply via our NPQ page.