Appropriate Body

Appropriate Body

Appropriate Bodies independently quality assure statutory induction, ensuring that schools provide adequate support for their ECTs; that their assessment is fair and consistent across all institutions; and that they are receiving a programme of support and training based on the Early Career Framework (ECF).

An ECT must be registered with an Appropriate Body in order for their induction period to be authorised. In order to be eligible for induction, an ECT must have a contract of at least one term for a suitable post in accordance with the statutory guidance.  Please contact us for more advice if there is a concern about the suitability of a particular post.

With the closure of the Local Authority Appropriate Bodies at the end of the academic year 2023-24, all new ECTs must be registered with a Teaching School Hub as their Appropriate Body. Existing ECTs may remain with their current AB, or can be transferred to a new AB.

How to register with Saffron Appropriate Body 

To register your school and/or new ECTs for the Saffron Appropriate Body service, please register on our online portal, Saffron ECT Manager. This is a paperless system for recording data securely, submitting assessments, accessing resources, raising alerts and managing ECTs during induction. 

When you register on ECT Manager, please ensure that you have:

  • Your ECT’s teacher reference number
  • Their full name, date of birth and home address
  • Initial teacher training details
  • Previous school(s) employment history
  • Full name of their induction tutor
  • Full name of their mentor

Choose the scenario below that applies to you and follow the instructions.

Scenario 1 - your school has an existing login for Saffron ECT Manager

Log in to Saffron ECT Manager via the link below, using your existing login details, and register your new ECTs:

Scenario 2 - your school does not have a login for Saffron ECT Manager

To register your school with Saffron ECT Manager, follow the instructions below:

The Appropriate Body then needs to authorise your school. When this has been done, you can then register your ECT(s) and Induction Tutor(s) on ECT Manager:

If you need any support, please contact us to arrange a phone call or video call and we can help you through the process.

Important: as well as registering for Appropriate Body services, you must also register your ECT(s) on an Early Career Programme.

Saffron Appropriate Body - our service

Saffron Appropriate Body is the designated Appropriate Body within Braintree, Chelmsford, Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford. 

Before registering their ECTs with Saffron Appropriate Body, headteachers should read the 'Summary for Headteachers' document below. The 'Saffron AB Induction Handbook' document gives full details of our AB service.

Headteachers should also read this document:

Online AB training sessions for schools

At the beginning of each term and in July we run online training sessions for Headteachers, Induction Tutors and ECTs registered with the Saffron AB service.

Our next online training session is:

Induction Tutor initial training 

Tuesday 9 January 2024 (online on Teams)


New Induction Tutors and any established Induction Tutors who would like a refresher


AB service fees and what we provide

Expand the headings below for more information about the fees for our AB service and what we provide.

Saffron AB Service fees

Service fees

Schools are invoiced annually in advance for services to be provided. The costs are as follows:

ECF route chosen by the school Cost payable to the Appropriate Body per ECT
Full 2-year induction period Partial induction period: 1 year (transferring ECTs only) Partial induction period: 1 term (must be agreed with Saffron AB)
Early Career Framework (ECF) DfE-funded training provider £490 (payable in two instalments of £245, invoiced in term 1 & term 4) * £245 £85
DfE-accredited materials to deliver your own training £800 Fidelity check + £490 for each ECT £600 Fidelity check + £245 for each ECT £300 Fidelity check + £85 for each ECT
Design and deliver your own ECF-based training £1200 Fidelity check + £490 for each ECT £900 Fidelity check + £245 for each ECT £450 Fidelity check + £85 for each ECT

Invoices will be sent to schools from the Saffron Academy Trust.

* For part-time ECTs, schools will be invoiced as follows:

  • ECTs working 4 days per week: £245 in Term 1 and £245 in Term 4
  • ECTs working 2 or 3 days per week: £170 in Term 1, £160 in Term 4, £160 in Term 7

If your part-time working pattern is different to those shown above or you have any questions, please contact Angela Cass

If an ECT resigns from their post partway through either year of induction, schools need to give notice to the AB. A refund will be considered for any whole term not completed.

What we provide

  • Registration of the Early Career Teacher and returns to the Teaching Regulation Agency
  • Fidelity checking of Early Career Programme route (there will be an additional fee for schools choosing the Core or School-Based Induction Programme)
  • Induction Tutor training and Network meetings
  • Quality-assuring the process of your in-school support
  • Access to support materials directly from Saffron ECT Manager
  • Providing termly progress check documents which are returned electronically
  • Monitoring termly progress check reports to identify Early Career Teachers requiring additional support
  • Monitoring visit and the equivalent of 2 days' Expert Practitioner support for Early Career Teachers requiring additional support
  • Providing formal end of Year 1 and Year 2 assessment documents which are returned electronically
  • Monitoring of all end of Year 1 and Year 2 reports for Early Career Teachers
  • Making the final decision as to whether or not an Early Career Teacher's performance, against the relevant standards, is satisfactory, drawing on the recommendation of the headteacher

We require that all schools complete a Service Level Agreement with us before we authorise an ECT's induction. This will be sent to you when you register a new ECT on ECT Manager.

If you have any questions about the Saffron AB service, contact Angela Cass at

AB Induction and the Early Career Framework

From 2021, Appropriate Bodies are required to ensure that Early Career Teachers receive their statutory ECF entitlement as well as making the final decision as to whether that teacher has met the Teachers' Standards. 

Schools who choose the DfE funded Full Induction Programme (FIP) route, such as the Saffron Early Career Programme, do not have to have their ECF programme checked by their AB.

Where schools choose to follow the Core Induction Programme (CIP) using DfE Approved Materials, or a School-based Induction Programme, the Appropriate Bodies' role now includes 'fidelity checking' those ECF programmes. There is an additional charge for this service.