Appropriate Body

Appropriate Body

To register your ECT with an Appropriate Body

Before schools register their ECTs on the ECF, they have to register their ECTs separately with an Appropriate Body (AB).

If you are an existing user of the Saffron/PLN AB service:

To register your September 2022 ECT with us, click on the link below to download the registration document:

If you have yet to decide on your AB service:

A school's choice of Appropriate Body does not affect their registration with Saffron Teaching School Hub's ECF programme. There are, however, benefits to registering your ECT with both the Saffron ECF programme and the Saffron AB service.

There are three main Appropriate Bodies in the Saffron TS Hub area: Saffron/PLN, Essex LA and Havering/TES Global.

To find out more about each AB click on the links below:

The Saffron/PLN Appropriate Body service

Since September 2021, Saffron TS Hub has been a designated Appropriate Body within Braintree, Chelmsford, Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford. 

In delivering this service, we are delighted to be working in partnership with PLN. Due to DfE reform of AB services, PLN is no longer the named 'lead school' published on the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) and this regulatory role is now assumed by the Saffron TS Hub.

In partnering with PLN, Saffron TS Hub is working with a partner with a well-established track record of expert local delivery. We believe this partnership provides an outstanding offer of AB service and support. 

From September 2022, this AB service will be known as the Saffron AB service.

The Appropriate Body service

  • Registration of the Early Career Teacher and returns to the Teaching Regulation Agency
  • Fidelity checking of Early Career Programme route (there will be an additional fee for schools choosing the Core or School-Based Induction Programme)
  • Induction Tutor training and Network meetings
  • Quality-assuring the process of your in-school support
  • Access to support materials directly from our website
  • Providing termly progress check documents which are returned electronically
  • Monitoring termly progress check reports to identify Early Career Teachers requiring additional support
  • Monitoring visit and the equivalent of 2 days' SLE support for Early Career Teachers requiring additional support
  • Providing formal end of Year 1 and Year 2 assessment documents which are returned electronically
  • Monitoring of all end of Year 1 and Year 2 reports for Early Career Teachers
  • Making the final decision as to whether or not an Early Career Teacher's performance, against the relevant standards, is satisfactory, drawing on the recommendation of the headteacher

Introduction to Headteachers

Download an Introduction to Headteachers here.

AB Induction and the Early Career Framework

From 2021, Appropriate Bodies are required to ensure that Early Career Teachers receive their statutory ECF entitlement as well as making the final decision as to whether that teacher has met the Teachers' Standards. 

Schools who choose the DfE funded Full Induction Programme (FIP) route, such as the Saffron TS Hub programme, do not have to have their ECF programme checked by their AB.

Where schools choose to follow the Core Induction Programme (CIP), or School-based Induction Programme, the Appropriate Bodies' role now includes 'fidelity checking' those ECF programmes. There is an additional charge for this service. Fees for this 'fidelity checking' service differ between ABs.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Saffron AB service, contact our AB Lead Verity Boreham.