Cambridge Training School Network

The Cambridge Training School Network, CTSN SCITT offers school-centred initial teacher training, working with partner schools across the region but primarily in Uttlesford, Cambridgeshire and west Suffolk.

There are several advantages to school centred initial teacher training with CTSN SCITT. 

Firstly, all the tutors on the course are expert teachers, who still teach in school.  They know what it is like in the classroom and are up-to-date with the latest developments in schools, and with learning and teaching.  Also, a school-centred course will maximise the time you spend in school, spending four days a week in school from the very beginning of the course, and throughout your training year. We are committed to ensuring that we offer a range of routes from full-time to part-time in both primary and secondary.  Your senior tutor or subject lead tutor will support you throughout the course and ensure that your training is fully personalised to meet your needs.

Whilst this ensures the practical relevance of your training, we are also very aware of the need for teachers to continually update their professional knowledge.  Research and development is another one of the core benefits of training with CTSN.  All of our training is based on research into education and learning, and we expect our trainees developing classroom practice will be similarly research-engaged.  All of our training will encourage you to make the link between research, professional literature and your own developing practice. Your core training sessions will include both theoretical models and practical modelling of effective learning and teaching strategies.  

We are proud that Ofsted recognised that our outstanding leadership and management results in our primary and secondary trainees receiving a good quality of education and training.  Its March 2023 report notes that our ‘trainees access a well-designed curriculum that supports them to develop the knowledge and skills to become effective, reflective and thoughtful teachers. Trainees and their trainers share a passion and commitment for learning.  Trainees are well prepared to become confident and highly competent teachers’.  The inspectors recognised that our ‘trainees speak positively of the staff who work with them and hold their mentors in high esteem.  They are given effective guidance and support to manage their workload’ and we ‘ensure that trainees place pupils’ learning and welfare at the heart of all they do’.

Areas covered

North Essex (Uttlesford), Cambridgeshire, West Suffolk and South Norfolk

Core training in Cambridge and Bury St Edmunds 


Primary 5-11 

Secondary 11-16 (in a range of subjects)

Secondary  14-19 (in business studies and psychology) 


School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT)


  • Full-time non-salaried (primary & secondary); QTS + PCGE* 
  • Part-time non-salaried (primary & secondary); QTS + PCGE* 

School Direct**

  • Full-time non-salaried (primary & secondary); QTS + PCGE* 
  • Part-time non-salaried (primary & secondary); QTS + PCGE* 
  • Full-time salaried (primary & secondary); QTS  
  • Part-time salaried (secondary); QTS  

* PGCE is with Anglia Ruskin University

** with CTSN SCITT as both the accredited & training provider

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