Getting into teaching & how to apply

A good place to start for general information on becoming a teacher is the DfE Get into Teaching website. This offers good general information, from how to set up a school experience visits, to seeing what primary/secondary school life is like, to checking if you have the correct qualifications to apply for a teacher training course, to how to apply for a place on a teacher training course. There is also a step-by-step guide to the process, from thinking about training to teach through to application. 

If you prefer to speak directly to local teacher training providers for more information, you might be interested in the Department for Education’s virtual and face-to-face Train to Teach events. There are a range of events hosted from around the country that will showcase local providers in your area and you will be able to book a slot to speak to the providers that you are interested in.

You can search for local train to teach information events here:

The DfE also offers a useful tailored advice service which provides you with personalised advice from a team of telephone agents who can talk you through training options, the application process and your next steps. You can register for this here.

Visit and volunteer in schools

To help you decide if teaching is right for you, and to support your application, you should do some observation, work or volunteering in schools. If you are not sure which age or subject would suit you, contact schools in your area and ask to observe in a classroom. You should also speak to the teaching staff about the challenges and rewards of teaching and ensure you understand both the nature and demands of the job. This will not only help you make your decision but will ensure you are stronger in the interview process.

Contact us for school experience enquiries in the Saffron Teaching School Hub areas of Braintree, Chelmsford, Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford.

Teaching in the Saffron Teaching School Hub area

Saffron Teaching School Hub is here to help with local knowledge. Our Hub areas are Braintree, Chelmsford, Epping Forest, Harlow and Uttlesford.  For more local information please use the resources on our website which showcase all our local providers and contact us if you have any local enquiries.

How to apply

If you have any questions about teaching or the application process, you should register with the Department for Education's advisors who can help you on your personal journey to becoming a teacher - register here. This service offers personal advice from an experienced teacher. They can support with the following:

  • Help with finding school experience
  • Tailored advice and information about teaching
  • Entry to our exclusive nationwide teaching events, where you can meet local training providers and get bespoke advice
  • Email updates full of important information and tips to help you make the best teacher training application
  • Help with the application process

The Department for Education website has a really helpful step by step guide on how to apply.

Applying for teacher training via the Department for Education website

To apply for teacher training courses in England, you should use the DfE's Apply for teacher training service.

The Apply for teacher training service is easy to use and gives clear guidance to help potential teachers make strong applications.

To learn more about the new service and to get help with your application, visit Get into Teaching.

Writing a personal statement

You will need a personal statement for your application. Your personal statement is used to explain why you want to become a teacher and your suitability for the role.

Take your time writing your personal statement; be prepared to receive constructive feedback and write a few drafts before you send it off. For support on what to write click here.