What is the National Professional Qualification for Leading Teacher Development (NPQLTD)?

For teachers who have, or are aspiring to have, responsibilities for leading the development of other teachers in their school. Our NPQLTD programme will:

  • Develop evidence-led expertise equipping you to respond effectively to the challenges and opportunities of developing teacher expertise and classroom practice across your school context.
  • Deepen your knowledge application to enable you to help your teams keep improving through implementation of the Early Career Framework knowledge base for all staff, building a culture of teacher excellence and designing/delivering effective professional development.
  • Provide you with a dedicated expert coach who will champion, challenge and encourage your leadership journey, developing your specialist knowledge and supporting your wellbeing and resilience as a leader.
  • Create networked communities of practice of fellow professionals to support your development for the long-term, enabling the collective expertise of the whole education system to grow and develop

Programme delivery is based on a 4-stage learning cycle

Cycle 1

Cycle 2
Designing Effective Professional Development

Cycle 3
Delivering Effective Professional Development

Cycle 4