National Professional Qualifications

National Professional Qualifications

NPQ Programmes 

Saffron Teaching School Hub is delighted to be working with Teach First as our NPQ Lead Provider.

All NPQ programmes are fully funded for any teacher/leader* in any state school or state funded organisation. Two NPQ programme cohorts (October and February) are delivered each year and full funding is available for both cohorts.

The DfE have confirmed that from the 2024-25 academic year, NPQ cohorts will start in October and April, rather than in October and February, with the final February cohort being February 2024 and the first April cohort being April 2025.

*the NPQLBC and NPQEYL programmes are also open to non-teaching staff

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Our NPQs are currently fully funded

Places are limited  - secure your place on our NPQ programme now

Fully funded NPQs

As part of the government’s long-term education recovery plan, £184 million of new funding for NPQs was announced on 12th October 2021. This means that NPQs will continue to be fully funded until further notice.

Targeted Support Funding for Small Schools

In addition to the full funding in place for all state-maintained schools and academies, the DfE has updated the Targeted Support and Delivery Fund offer from the next academic year (2023/24) to encourage and support teachers and leaders working in small state-funded settings to participate in NPQs.

State-funded schools or state-funded 16-19 organisations who have teachers or leaders taking an NPQ in the 2023/24 academic year will receive a grant payment of:

  • £800 for state-funded primary schools with 1 to 150 pupils
  • £200 for state-funded primary schools 150+ pupils
  • £200 for state-funded secondary schools and state-funded 16-19 educational settings with 1 to 600 pupils

Actual cost to schools

Although the programme fees are being fully funded, there will be a cost to the school for time that staff need to complete their programme. This will depend on the provider and the type of programme.

NPQ Facilitator Recruitment

Saffron Teaching School Hub is recruiting for NPQ facilitators for our NPQ programmes starting in February 2024.

If you are interested in applying, please read the NPQ Programme Facilitator document and NPQ Facilitator Role Description (both downloadable below) and complete our online application form

If you have any questions about applying to be an NPQ facilitator, please contact Erica Carver, Saffron NPQ Administrator, at