New Vision English Hub

The New Vision English Hub is one of 34 English Hubs nationwide, funded by the Department for Education to support primary schools in achieving excellence in teaching reading and early language development. We provide and free support to schools in North East London and Essex.

The New Vision English Hub is based at Elmhurst Primary School, an outstanding school in the heart of Newham. We are passionate about reading and teaching all children to read fluently and for enjoyment. As an English Hub and Maths Hub, we have considerable expertise in providing high-quality CPD, funding and bespoke support to drive school improvement.

For more information and contact details visit the New Vision English Hub website:

2023-24 Phonics Reading Leader Network

The Phonics Reading Leader Network is a nine session remote course, focused on the fundamentals of running and teaching a phonic programme effectively. It is not programme specific and participants can choose to attend sessions which are most applicable to their training need.

Participants will develop their pedagogical understanding of the generic principles underlying SSP programmes, understand how and when to use decodable texts in a phonics lesson, review strategies to boost the progress of the lowest 20% of pupils and share phonic expertise with local colleagues.

Sessions are 45 minutes long and will focus on topics such as: effective intervention for the lowest 20%, blending in Reception and engaging parental support.

To download the Phonics Reading Leader Network flyer, click here.

Booking links for each session

Training will be delivered remotely via Zoom, from 3.45 - 4.30pm. Click on the session links below to book a place:

Accelerator Fund

New Vision English Hub is able to offer schools across NE London and Essex another route to financial support for the 2023-24 Academic Year through the Accelerator Fund. Accelerator Fund schools could be eligible for up to £6,000 funding towards phonics resources and training. 

Priority will be given to schools who match the following criteria, which falls in line with the English Hubs programme funding criteria: 

  • Primary schools with lower-than-average PSC scores for disadvantaged pupils
  • Primary schools with a lower-than-average percentage of pupils meeting the expected standard in the Phonics Screening Check 
  • Primary schools with a higher-than-average proportion of children eligible for pupil premium 
  • Primary schools with a high proportion of groups considered hard to reach such as English as an Additional Language (EAL), Free School Meals (FSM) and travellers.
  • Schools referred by local partners (e.g. National Leaders in Education (NLEs), Regional Schools Commissioners (RSCs), Local Authorities

The Accelerator Fund is open to a wider remit of schools, including junior schools, special schools, schools with Ofsted ratings of "Good" and "Outstanding" and schools with lower pupil premium percentages. Schools who have previously received English Hubs resource funding are eligible for further funding through Accelerator Fund if they haven’t had their maximum of £6,000 previously.

Please note that the Accelerator Fund offer is limited to the 2023-24 academic year. Demand is expected to be high and therefore school funding will be awarded in line with the priorities listed above. 

If you think that your school might be eligible for the Accelerator Fund, then please get in touch with the Accelerator Fund Delivery Lead, Sanisha Pahl, at:

New Vision English Hub CPD

Supporting Early Language Development 

New Vision English Hub is delighted to offer a new CPD programme: Supporting Early Language Development. This programme was developed by a group of English Hubs with support from Speech and Language UK.

Course aims:

During the course, participants will engage deeply with early language pedagogy, securing their understanding of the stages of ‘typical’ language development and concentrating on the expected milestones that occur during primary years (ages 4 to 11). Practical classroom skills and techniques for quality first teaching in YR and KS1 will be shared, including ways to identify and support those children who may not be developing language skills as expected.


The sessions will be facilitated by two staff from Elmhurst Primary School: Fahima Khankhara, English Hub Lead and Assistant Head, and Tara Cowley, Literacy Specialist. Fahima Khankhara is an experienced trainer and, as a teacher, specialises in supporting lower attainers. Having taught across EYFS and KS1, Tara Cowley is passionate about how early language strategies, such as contingent talk, can support pupils to meet expected milestones.


Training will be delivered remotely on Zoom, from 1.30 - 4.00pm, on the following dates:

Click here for the Supporting Early Language Development flyer.

Teacher Reading Group

New Vision English Hub invites those committed to developing children’s desire, delight and engagement as readers to join our OU/UKLA supported Reading for Pleasure (RfP) FREE five session CPD course. Those who commit will be expected to attend all sessions and will receive an Open University certificate upon submission of a small-scale action research project completed as part of the sessions.

Training will be delivered via Zoom from 1.30 - 3.15pm, on the following Mondays. Please click on the links below to reserve your spot.

Download the Teacher Reading Group flyer here.