REAch Teach Primary Partnership

REAch Teach primary partnership has been accredited by the DFE as a provider of Initial Teacher Training. We are a national provider who works on both a local and national scale, delivering online national training and in-person local training across 16 different regions nationally. These include Essex, London, Kent and Suffolk. 

For 2024, we will be offering a training programme which will encompass both QTS and a PGCE (awarded by our Outstanding university partner). Trainees are based in school the majority of the time, but are released from schools one or two days per week to attend training days – either as a national cohort online, or in local ‘hubs’ where they build a local peer network and observe excellent in-school practice.

Our partnership in Essex is growing, and allows for strong local networks – grown locally in Essex in order to encourage retention into the ECT year in the local community.

5 reasons to train with REAch Teach

Train locally, grow nationally – access best practice locally while networking with peers both locally and nationwide. Local expert facilitators interact with the trainees from early in the programme, building relationships and strengthening retention in local schools into ECT year.

Primary Phase Experts – REAch2 is the largest primary MAT with 93% schools ‘good or better’ (compared with 9% on entry to the MAT). Early Years and Primary expertise is woven throughout the programme with a strong focus on ‘what makes excellent primary practice’. Our Intensive Training and Practice weeks focus on foundational Primary practice – Behaviour, Reading and Phonics, Maths and Adaptive Teaching.

Strong focus on wellbeing and workload – The programme builds in a strong consideration for wellbeing and workload, from clear and simple systems, clear communication and a PGCE that blends theory seamlessly into the wider training programme. The programme also includes dedicated wellbeing time built into the curriculum. Trainees are assigned a dedicated Lead Mentor and University Personal Tutor, so have a key point of contact for any questions or concerns.

Blended training model – Our training programme blends online national cohorts with local and regional in-person training in exemplary schools. The online national training is accessed from home, further supporting the wellbeing and workload focus.

Practice makes progress – We take a practical approach to teacher development. Each training session includes deliberate practice and concrete strategies to take straight back into classroom practice. Personalised mentor support provides developmental feedback to boost classroom skills and confidence.

Areas covered

National locations (including Essex, Kent, London and Suffolk)


Primary only

3-7 or 5-11 pathways


Unsalaried, tuition fee paying, achieving QTS and a PGCE

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