Support for mentors

ITT Mentor Conference - February 2024

On 6 February 2024, Teaching School Hubs in the Eastern Region hosted a free online conference for aspiring, new and existing ITT mentors, on 'The Science of Learning'.

Mentoring is an extremely rewarding opportunity for teachers, enhancing their own professional development whilst sharing their expertise with someone at the start of their teaching career. Our conference featured two evidence-based sessions to help support mentors' understanding of the role and engage in some of the latest research about mentoring:

  • Session 1: The Model of the Mind
  • Session 2: Modelling

Both sessions featured materials from Deans for Impact

To view the session recordings, slides and resources, click here.

Resources from previous mentor events

Saffron Teaching School Hub, in collaboration with other Teaching School Hubs in the Eastern Region, has hosted a number of events to support mentors. Click on the images below to access resources from our previous mentor conferences.