Case Studies: Working with New Vision English Hub

New Vision English Hub, one of 34 English Hubs nationwide, supports schools in achieving excellence in teaching reading and early language development, and provides funding and free support to schools in Essex and North East London. 

We asked two schools in the Saffron Teaching School Hub area who engaged with the New Vision English Hub this year to give us their feedback on the process and the impact this engagement has had on their school.

Working with New Vision English Hub - Beckers Green Primary School and John Ray Infant School

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Why did you decide to go forward with the New Vision English Hub programme?

Beckers Green Primary School: "We had reached a point with our own school phonics scheme where we had realised we wanted to ‘fine tune’ and increase consistency across the teaching of phonics, for example set order for tricky words, and we wanted to move to a validated scheme to give us security in not only further PSC, but confidence in our approach and delivery for phonics and reading. We were also due Ofsted."  

John Ray Infant School: "The English Hub were supportive and talked us through all we had to do to take part in the scheme."

What was the application process like - what did the school have to do?

Beckers Green Primary School: "The application process was very smooth. We wrote supporting evidence for why we would like the support from the Hub and how we felt this could impact on our teaching and children’s reading and phonic skills. We attended a meeting in a Hub school and chatted online with the team." 

John Ray Infant School: "We had initial meetings to discuss our needs as a school and the programme we were looking at. We filled in forms to identify areas/needs in our school to discuss why we wanted to take part in the scheme. A very easy application process."

How has New Vision English Hub supported the implementation of the new scheme?

Beckers Green Primary School: "The support was plentiful from the Hub – we were supported with regular virtual meetings, giving us advice on what schemes may best support our school and cohort, and once we had decided, we were supported with accessing the funding to be able to purchase resources and the LW scheme, including ordering of books. Regular audits with the Hub allowed us to keep on track with expectations for implementing the scheme, beginning with our EYFS cohort before this spread across KS1 and 2. The support from the Hub continued, with the virtual meetings as our LW journey developed, for example, how I could continue coaching and monitoring as subject lead once training had been completed." 

John Ray Infant School: "The first few online meetings went through an audit – this included where we were at the time and what we needed to implement to achieve success. Each meeting included a review of the previous meeting and audit, as well as setting new targets for the next time we met. This kept the new scheme at the forefront of what we were doing, and meant we were able to prioritise more easily. Throughout the process, the Hub also gave us advice on how to best implement different areas or parts of the new scheme. For example, we purchased the scheme at Easter, and the Hub supported us with rolling this out in EYFS for the summer term, rather than the whole school, to best manage the transition."

What element of support has been the most helpful/impactive? 

Beckers Green Primary School: "I found the audit to have a good impact on our practice, as completing our school phonics scheme again allowed us to see what the areas for development were and how these could be progressed when using the LW validated SSP. Continued training for staff and how we were going to implement this was very helpful."  

John Ray Infant School: "The audit from the Hub. This meant we were able to look at areas we needed to work on and when, rather than going through it all ourselves. We were able to then pick the best scheme for us and manage to roll it out in a more effective way." 

Would you recommend working with the English Hub to develop practice to other schools? Why? 

Beckers Green Primary School: "Yes – the support on offer from outside the school setting helped us to feel confident in our decision making for adopting the new scheme and the impact this is beginning to have on our phonics and reading."  

John Ray Infant School: "Yes – it was a supportive and helpful approach, and the grant really helped us to purchase the new scheme for our large school, meaning consistency and a high quality approach to our phonics, which we can already see having an impact." 


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Working with New Vision English Hub - Beckers Green Primary School

Working with New Vision English Hub - John Ray Infant School


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